City View Room & State Room (1957 E Street)

External Client User Guidelines

If your company or organization is planning to hold an event at the City View Room or State Room (1957 E Street), please be sure to review the following policies and guidelines that are specific to the venue as well as the general External Client User Guidelines.

  • Reservations for the City View Room and State Room need to be made at least 20 business days in advance.

  • Events held in the City View Room and State Room will be assigned an event planner.
  • Venue rental rates apply for events held in the City View Room and State Room. Please contact Events & Venues for more information.

  • A booking confirmation and contract will be emailed to the client who requested the space after the request has been reviewed. Both documents need to be signed and emailed back to Events & Venues within five business days.
  • Failure to sign and return the booking confirmation and contract within five business days may result in release of space.
  • Once the contract is countersigned and the event is confirmed, an event planner will be assigned to the event and will reach out to the event point of contact typically four weeks prior to the event.

  • In the event the client cancels the event, the client agrees to pay, as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, a fee based on the total cost of the event.  The amount due shall be based on the following schedule:
Notification of cancellation
prior to Event start date
Cancellation fee % of
total cost of Event
0-14 days 100%
15-30 days 50%
30+ days 25%


Learn more about the City View Room and State Room and submit an External Client Request for Proposal.

Effective as of April 12, 2018.