Jack Morton Auditorium (Media and Public Affairs)

Departmental User Guidelines

If your department is planning to hold an event in the Jack Morton Auditorium, please be sure to review the following policies and guidelines that are specific to the venue as well as the general Departmental User Guidelines.

  • Events held in the Jack Morton Auditorium will be assigned to a member of the Client Services team, who will contact the department four weeks prior to the event date.
  • Venue rental rates apply for events held in the Jack Morton Auditorium. Please contact Events & Venues for more information.
  • Permissible Use.  GW Venue agrees to provide GW Organization with use of the Jack Morton Auditorium, together with the stage, green rooms and first floor lobby leading thereto and to be used therewith (collectively the "Auditorium") for the purpose of holding the Event, except as otherwise limited by these terms and conditions. If the GW Organization uses or attempts to use the Auditorium for any purpose other than the Event, or shall in any other respect fail to observe and fulfill any of its obligations under the terms and conditions, or if any use or proposed use of the terms and conditions shall be in any way contrary to law or, in the judgment of GW Venue, be improper or detrimental to the reputation of the GW Venue, GW Venue shall have the right, at its option, to cancel this booking and all rights of the GW Organization shall thereupon terminate.  In the event of any such termination, the GW Organization shall be liable to the GW Venue for all amounts due hereunder and for any further damage sustained by the GW Venue.
  • Rehearsal Time.  Should the GW Organization require the use of the venue for rehearsal Time for the Event, the GW Organization should coordinate with their event planner, and rehearsal time must fall within the booking reservation.  In the event the organization needs a rehearsal time outside their booking reservation, the GW Organization should work with Scheduling to adjust the booking time.  The GW Organization agrees to pay a fee for each additional hour, or day added to the reservation for rehearsal, along with any associated technical staff fees.
  • Stage Help.  GW Organization agrees that in employing stage help in addition to that provided by GW, the help so employed shall be qualified, skilled, and experienced in stage‑craft, and shall meet the approval of the Auditorium Technical Manager and the assigned Client Services team member of Jack Morton Auditorium. 
  • Failure to Occupy or Early Vacating.  Should the GW Organization fail to occupy the Auditorium during the Event or should the GW Organization vacate the Auditorium during the Event for any reasons other than those set forth in Force Majeure in the guidelines, no refund shall be made, and the amounts as called for by these guidelines shall be payable by GW Organization to GW Venue as liquidated damages, not as a penalty.  GW Organization further agrees to also pay all reimbursable expenses incurred by GW in connection with the GW Organization’s failure to occupy or its early vacating of the Auditorium.
  • Permitted Use.  The GW Organization shall not do or permit to be done anything in the Auditorium, nor bring nor keep therein anything which will in any way vitiate the policy or policies of insurance thereon or increase the premium of such insurance.  
  • Licensing.  The GW Organization shall be solely responsible for securing any special licenses or permits that may be necessary or proper in connection with the GW Organization’s use of the Auditorium, including any permission(s) required by performing rights societies. 
  • Equipment/Technicians.  GW Organization may rent equipment for the Event, upon receiving prior written approval from the JMA Technical Manager.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is required that at least one Audio/Visual Technician be present for the duration of the Event.  The GW Organization acknowledges that a fee for the Technician will be charged.  Auditorium equipment shall be operated by GW Venue staff only, at all times.  Changes to an Event may result in additional fees which will be reflected in an updated Confirmation Report.
  • Recordings.  The Jack Morton Auditorium Client Services team member and Technical Manager must approve in advance any filming, video or audio taping of the Event.  Taping or media equipment must be set up one (1) hour prior to performance time in a location approved by GW Venue. 
  • Right to Enter.  GW Venue reserves the right to enter any portion of the Auditorium and to eject any objectionable person or persons from the Auditorium, including members of the audience.  In the event that a large number of audience members become unruly, GW Venue reserves the right to terminate the Event and clear the audience from the Auditorium.  Moreover, GW Venue shall not be liable for any expenses and damages which may be incurred due to termination of an Event under this Section; any such the liability will be the responsibility of the GW Organization.
  • Food Service.  No outside refreshments shall be served or permitted in the MPA Building unless specifically agreed to by the GW Venue in writing.  Under no circumstances will food or beverages be served on the First Floor Lobby of the MPA Building and no food or beverages are allowed within the Jack Morton Auditorium. 
  • Solicitation and Vending.  No solicitation of funds will be made inside the Auditorium proper or its lobbies.  Nothing is to be sold inside the Auditorium or lobbies without the prior written permission of the GW Venue; a vendor space fee of 20% of gross will be paid on all such sales.
  • Ticketing and Registration. All events scheduled at the Auditorium which involve ticketing and/or registration should coordinate with George Washington University’s ticketing outlet located in Lisner Auditorium (730 21st Street NW). A separate contract must be completed with the GW Venue ticketing operation. The University has full right of use to four (4) seats for any event taking place within Jack Morton Auditorium. These seats are referred to as University Seats. Ticketing is governed by the Ticketing Procedures.

  • After the reservation request has been reviewed, a Booking Confirmation and Estimate will be emailed to the scheduler who requested the space.  The Booking Confirmation and Estimate will need to be signed by a department scheduler and emailed back to Events & Venues within five business days.
  • Failure to sign and return the  Booking Confirmation and Estimate within five business days will result in an immediate release of space.
  • Once the Booking Confirmation and Estimate are signed and the event is confirmed, a member of the Client Services team will be assigned to the event and will reach out to the event point of contact four weeks prior to the event.

  • Contact the event planner assigned to your event to request or change event set-up and/or audiovisual elements.
  • Requests or changes to space, date or time to any reservation need to be made by an authorized scheduler online through an Event Modification Form at least three business days prior to the event; otherwise, there is no guarantee the request can be accommodated. Phone, email or paper requests cannot be accepted.
  • Modification requests are subject to approval.

  • In the event the GW Organization cancels any portion of their event, the GW Organization agrees to pay a fee based on the total cost of the cancelled portion.  The amount due shall be based on the following schedule:

Notification of cancellation prior to event start date

Cancellation fee % of total cost of cancelled portion

0-14 days


15-30 days


30+ days


The cancellation fee shall come due immediately.  In addition to the venue fee, you are responsible for any additional fees incurred.


  • No-Show. There will be no refunds for no-shows.


Learn more about the Jack Morton Auditorium and submit your request through our online reservation system.

Effective as of April 12, 2018.