Mitchell Theater

Mitchell Theater is a 988 square foot multipurpose space located in the basement of Mitchell Hall.  It has a professional grade flex hardwood dance floor, as well as wall-mounted dance bars and floor to ceiling mirrors.  A single unisex restroom and a lounge area as in the theater suite.

Mitchell Theater is handicap accessible.

In addition to being a great location for rehearsals, the space can be converted into a true black box or studio theater for performances.

Mitchell Theater is equipped with an integrated sound system - plug into this system and play from your device.

Additionally, event/stage lighting, drapes, and PA systems are available upon request.

Space Features:

  • Hardwood dance floor 
  • Floor to ceiling mirrors
  • Wall-mounted dance bars
  • 6 tables
  • 70 chairs
  • Integrate AV system
  • Small lounge space
  • Bathroom within space