South Hall and Shenkman Hall Community Rooms

South Hall Community Room

The South Hall Community Room is approximately 430 square feet and is located on the first floor of South Hall just off the main lobby. The room is ideal for medium sized meetings (15-20 people).

Space Features:

  • Carpeted flooring
  • 50" TV
  • Pull down screen (no projector)
  • Four square desks
  • Two long tables
  • 1 arm chair
  • Connected private bathroom

Shenkman Hall Community Room

The Shenkman Hall Community Room is a 703 square foot meeting room located on the first floor of Shenkman Hall just off the main lobby.  The space is large and can easily accommodate 30 or more individuals within the room seated.

Space Features:

  • 50" TV
  • Tables
  • 30 chairs
  • Two large refrigerators
  • Sink in kitchen
  • Access to courtyard