Venue Administration

The Venue Administration team consists of Client Services and Operations.

David Synan
Managing Director, Marvin Center & Venue Administration
[email protected]

The Client Services Team provides logistical support for events managed by Events & Venues and held in university space. Our job is to communicate and coordinate our clients' needs so that they achieve their event goals. We accomplish this by personalizing reserved spaces through a range of set-up styles, audiovisual and technical specifications, VIP arrangements, exclusive vendors and more.  To ensure successful events, we remain on-site from start to finish to handle any challenges that may arise. Once an event planner from the Client Services team is assigned to a major event, they will establish contact to further discuss any specific needs.

The Client Services team includes:

Tara Turner
Associate Director, Client Services
[email protected]

Adam Murphy
Assistant Director, Client Services
[email protected]

Cheryl Pascal
Assistant Director, Client Services
[email protected]

Maliha Mirza
Assistant Director, Client Services
[email protected]

Jocelyn Folsom
Manager, Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre
[email protected]

Van Vu
Event Planner, Client Services
[email protected]

Patrick Varone
Event Planner, Client Services
[email protected]

Rikkia Hicks
Event Planner, Client Services
[email protected]

The primary function of the Operations department is to create and maintain safe, functional and attractive venues that serve the needs of every client. This department oversees the venues managed by Events & Venues and assists with the planning and execution of all events within these venues. This involves setting up and operating the logistical and technical needs of an event and ensuring that all facilities services, housekeeping and technical needs are met with attention to detail.  Besides these daily tasks, the Operations department attends to any issues that may arise during the planning and set-up of events by maintaining tested and reliable processes for preventing and responding to issues.

The Operations staff has a Manager on Duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This person is located in the Marvin Center and can be reached by calling 202-994-3605. They are a key contact for all operational concerns on a 24/7 basis.

The Operations team includes:

Ziad Alkhoja

Evening Manager

Nicholas Townes
Weekend Manager

Tyrone Poteat
General Maintenance Technician

Manager on Duty