Collegiate Services


  • Collegiate Services, housed in Events & Venues, is the central resource for GW schools and departments organizing their events on, or off, campus.
  • Provides guidance on event elements such as catering, programming (run-of-show and timelines), speaker coordination, protocol, and briefings.  In coordination with venue managers, consults clients on room sets, equipment rentals, and audio-visual requirements.
  • Facilitates communication between internal service providers and schools and departments to resolve event-related concerns and improve processes and efficiencies.
  • Contact:  Cattleya Wongkongkatap, [email protected], 202-994-0318

The table below outlines the major actions in the event planning process and who has the primary responsibility to ensure that each is completed.  An event planning checklist is available for reference.

Event Planning Actions Event Host Venue Collegiate Services
Determine event goals X   Consults
Develop run-of-show/programming X   Consults
Submit space request X   Consults
Assign venue manager   X  
Invite speakers X   Consults
Write script, briefings, training materials X   Consults
Market the event and invite guests

With lead communicator

Set-up and monitor registration; check-in guests at event X   Consults
Determine AV needs X X  
Determine room sets X X Consults
Order internal services (e.g., Facilities, GWPD) and manage them at event   X  
Order external services independent of the venue (e.g., catering, musicians) and manage them at event X   Consults
Direct programming elements at event, i.e., run the show, manage participants X    
Pay invoices, reconcile budget X    
Host post-event meeting to gather lessons learned and best practices X   Will attend
Scenario based on the table above

School XYZ wants to hold an award luncheon in the spring. They have a tentative confirmation from the awardee.

  • Working with the school, Collegiate Services (CS) helps design the program timeline and run-of-show based on the event’s goals.
  • School XYZ assembles a list of guest types to estimate attendance and determine space needs.
  • CS recommends appropriate spaces on campus
  • School XYZ submits space request online (e.g., the City View Room)
  • Scheduling office approves (or denies) request
  • CS provides a list of items School XYZ may need to complete (e.g., invitation, signage, seating chart, etc.); CS will walk through the steps and timeline needed to complete each item
  • School XYZ meets with the venue manager to determine room set, AV requirements, and any other event needs.
  • CS recommends caterers and reviews requests for proposal and suggests edits; once proposals are received by the school, CS assists in reviewing and selecting a caterer
  • CS recommends additional vendors as needed (i.e., award/gift suppliers, musicians, etc.)
  • School XYZ confirms speakers will attend; CS works with event host to develop the script and finalize the run-of-show
  • CS helps event host write briefing materials, if needed
  • School XYZ recruits or hires staff to check in guests at the event, manage the speakers, and coordinate the award presentation
  • CS attends prep meeting with School XYZ to run through final event details
  • School XYZ  checks-in/registers guests, manages vendors, manages speakers, escalates venue-related issues to onsite venue staff
  • CS checks in with School XYZ after event to get feedback on vendors and the planning process

Catering and Other Services

The university requires caterers doing business with GW to have a Master Services Agreement (MSA) on file.  Please check with your finance director or Procurement for an updated list of approved caterers.    When reviewing your catering options, please remember that the university:

Here is a list of hotels (PDF) and additional vendors (PDF)