Jack Morton Auditorium

Jack Morton Auditorium (JMA) is a fixed seat auditorium that offers full multimedia and television production capabilities, digital sound, video recording and video conferencing. It is an ideal location for hosting panel discussions, debates, keynote speakers, and multi-media presentations.   

Address: 805 21st Street NW, housed in the Media and Public Affairs building on the 1st floor.  

Nearest Metro: Foggy Bottom/GWU 

Parking: University Student Center Garage 

Maximum Capacities

Theater 246

Venue Features
  • Events & Venues audio visual technicians are required to control all in-house equipment.  The technical team will discuss AV needs with Event Hosts and determine the number of technicians needed to execute the event.     
  • Six (6) built-in cameras for recording and webcasting   
  • Large built-in screens for projection to display PowerPoints, videos, and graphics for marketing purposes    
  • Access to green rooms, kitchenette with glassware for speakers/panelists on stage, and dedicated coat room for guests use or storage during events     
  • Outlets built into audience seating for convenient access to power    
  • Inventory of in-house easels and furniture to accommodate stage and registration setups 
Price list and Event Estimate

Department and student organization events will have costs associated with them. To view the university price lists and estimates please log into the University Box folder. Please note only University Clients will have access to these links.

External Clients please complete the External Client Request Form to receive pricing and availability.