Venue Guidelines

  • Space Requests need to be made at least 30 days in advance through the Department Event Portal & Student Organization Event Portal.

  • Space Requests are limited to an 8 Hour booking. Requested time must include set up and clean up time, including time for catering and other vendors. Caterers arrive at least 2 hours prior to the start of an event and need 1 hour for breakdown. If additional hours are needed, then rental rates will be applied.

  • Modifications need to be made at least 15 days in advance through the Space Modification Form. Space Modifications will incur additional charges.

  • Events held in Events & Venues spaces will be assigned to a Venue Manager, who will contact the GW event host prior to the event date.

  • To view the calendar of availability please log into the Department Event Portal or Student Organization Event Portal. Please note only University Clients will have access to these links.


Department Event

A department event is a meeting, event, or series of meetings or events where the planning process is handled solely by the department, and is branded as a GW Event. Department events will have costs associated with them.

Student Organization Event

A student organization event is a meeting, event, or series of meetings or events where the planning process is handled solely by the student organization, and is branded as a GW Event. Student organization events will have costs associated with them.

Sponsored Event

If a GW Entity is partnering with or hosting an external group or organization, holding an event on behalf of an individual or organization, or the event listing is on a non-University website, the event is eligible for sponsored rental rates, provided it meets the following criteria: 

  • GW Sponsor to be present in the planning process to include prep meetings and/or site visits 
  • GW Sponsor should be present to facilitate the entirety of the event to include pre and post event activities such as deliveries and event clean-up 
  • Failure to comply may result in a change of the event’s classification from sponsored to external 

Please provide Events & Venues a copy of any agreements made with the external group when requesting the space.    

If the non-GW organization plans to pay event-related fees and defaults on payment, the responsibility of payment falls to the GW Sponsor. 

GW Entities who misrepresent an event or affiliation may incur additional charges and may have reservation privileges restricted or suspended. 

GW Entities looking to bid on, bring in or host conferences at GW will incur sponsored rates. Feel free to reach out to our collegiate services team for additional guidance and assistance.   

External Event

An external event is a meeting, event, or series of meetings or events where the planning process and/or payment is handled by the external client. Events & Venues will focus booking events that promote the educational and cultural experiences for our students, alums and the entire GW community and to enhance our reputation for excellence. 

External clients may only rent classrooms through The Academic Scheduling Office during the summer semester. Carefully review the reservation and rental policies for more information. 
Price List and Event Estimate

Department and student organization events will have costs associated with them. To view the university price lists and estimates please log into the University Box folder. Please note only University Clients will have access to these links.

External Clients please complete the External Client Request Form to receive pricing and availability.

Late Event Request

An event request by Client within 30 days of the Event shall be subject to a non-refundable One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) administrative processing fee. This late request fee is in addition to any fees set forth in the Confirmation Report or otherwise charged for the Event. Late Requests could incur additional set up and housekeeping charges. 

At this time, Events & Venues is no longer taking late requests. 

Event Host Responsibilities
  • Host is responsible for determining event goals and all programmatic elements including speaker invitations and management, staffing for Q&A mics, providing a run of show to AV technicians, and all electronic files needed for the event.  
  • Host is responsible for conveying all setup and AV needs to the Venue Manager in a timely manager to ensure that the requests can be accommodated. 
  • Host is responsible for all event preparation activities including marketing the event, guests' invitations, script writing, briefings and creating any event materials. 
  • Host is responsible for ordering any external services independent of the venue (such as catering or musicians) and manage them at the event. 
  • Host is responsible for submitting and modifying all necessary space requests. 
  • Host is required to be onsite to meet selected caterer and all their contracted vendors. Events & Venues will not sign for any vendor deliveries arranged by the Event Host.    
  • Host is responsible for ensuring that guests who do not have a GWID with tap access to the building are able to get into the venue, as needed. 
  • Host is responsible for providing GWIDs to the Venue Manager for guests within the GW community that will need tap access outside of building hours. 
  • Host is responsible for gathering RSVPs prior to the event, checking in guests onsite and ensuring that all non-GW guests comply with GW visitor requirements  
  • Host is responsible for ensuring that all items including those provided by vendors are removed from venue after event concludes.   
  • Host is responsible for any charges that are incurred due to requests made for producing their event in the venues and vendors that were hired.   
  • Host is responsible for scheduling any post meetings or creating post-event documents that may be necessary.
Building Hours/Access

Reservable Hours:

7:00 am-11:00pm Seven (7) days a week 

Building Hours: 

Any event taking place outside of building hours will require GWPD to be present to open, secure and close buildings. Events taking place after 9:00pm may require GWPD to be present. There is a four-hour minimum charge per officer for security services.

The cost of GWPD will be the responsibility of the Event Host, and the Venue Staff will secure GWPD on behalf of the Event Host.

Cancellation Policy for Department and Student Organization Events

A request by GW Entity to cancel the Event shall be subject to a non-refundable One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) administrative processing fee for each date being cancelled. This cancellation fee is in addition to any fees set forth in the Confirmation Report, to include costs incurred for any services contracted by the venue or otherwise charged for the Event. If the cancellation request is received with less than 72-hour notice, GW Entity will be responsible for any and all labor costs associated with the event.

Request to Reschedule

A request by GW Entity to reschedule the Event shall be subject to a non-refundable One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) administrative processing fee for each date being rescheduled. This rescheduling fee is in addition to any fees set forth in the Confirmation Report or otherwise charged for the Event. If the request to reschedule an event is received with less than 72-hour notice, client will be responsible for any and all labor costs associated with the event. Requests to reschedule can be made through the Event Modification Form.

Licensed Space

The GW Organization shall only use the Licensed Space for the Event, during the date and time period specified in the booking confirmation. GW Organization agrees that the Licensed Space is sufficient for the Event purposes. GW Organization acknowledges and agrees that representatives of the University shall have unrestricted access to the Licensed Space at all times. 

Equipment & Furnishings

The Confirmation Report includes a list of the equipment and furnishings GW shall provide for the Event.  At the end of the Event, GW Organization shall return all items to GW, in the same condition as it received them.  GW Organization shall not make any alterations to the furnishings, equipment or Licensed Space.  The GW Organization assumes all risks of loss or damage to the furnishings, equipment or to the Licensed Space from any cause during the Event.  Any additional costs associated with equipment and furnishings, such as excessive cleaning costs, shall be added to the Confirmation Report.  

Storage Space & Personal Property

The GW Organization shall not be entitled to store items of personal property within the Licensed Space unless exception is applied for in writing and granted in writing by GW. If GW Organization is permitted to store items, the University shall not be liable for loss of or damage to such stored items. The University shall have no liability for any loss of or damage to any personal property of the GW Organization or any attendees at the Event.


The GW Organization is not permitted to assign, sublease or transfer any interest in this Agreement or allow others to use the Licensed Space and/or equipment or space provided by the University, without the University’s prior written approval. 

Force Majeure

The Confirmation shall terminate without liability to either party if substantial performance of either party’s obligations is prevented by an unforeseeable cause that has made it impossible to perform due to causes reasonably beyond such party’s control (but the foregoing shall not apply to any lack of funds or any monetary obligation).  Such causes may include, but are not limited to, acts of God; acts of government authorities, laws, regulations, decrees or orders; shortages or disruption of the electrical power supply causing blackouts or rolling blackouts, fire, flood or explosion; war, disaster, civil disorder, epidemic or pandemic, travel advisories, or other emergency making it illegal, or otherwise circumstance making it impossible to use the Licensed Space for the Event.  In the event that either party wishes to invoke force majeure, that party shall as soon as practicable and no less than seven (7) calendar days after the occurrence of the event of force majeure has become known to that party, send written notice of such event to the other party.  If possible, the parties shall take all reasonable steps to recommence performance of its obligations under this agreement. If not possible, either party may be entitled to terminate the Agreement upon written notice to the other party. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to the payment of fees or to any other payments due from either party for services already performed. The parties will work in good faith to prevent one party from unfairly benefitting from the force majeure event. 


The GW Organization acknowledges and agrees that the University, in its sole discretion, can relocate the Event to another venue on or near the University’s campus if another event must be held at the Licensed Space and so long as such reassignment can be done without material detrimental impact on GW Organization’s Event.  In the event of relocation, the GW Organization shall continue to be responsible for payment of all rental fees as originally provided for under this Agreement.  The University shall pay any additional costs associated with the relocation of the Event to the new venue.

Smoking Restrictions

In compliance with the University’s Smoke-Free Policy, smoking is not permitted within any university owned and managed buildings as well as on university owned outdoor spaces. This includes any public space that abuts GW buildings located on the GW campus that are used for academic, athletic, recreational, residential, and administrative purposes. 

Single Use Plastics Elimination

The University has committed to eliminating single-use plastics on GW property to the greatest extent possible. In accordance with the University’s Single Use Plastics Policy, GW Organization required to follow its restrictions and guidance regarding single-use plastics. Single-use plastic items should not be procured for use at GW Organization’s Event. The Single-Use Plastics Implementation Plan & Guide provides details regarding options and alternatives to single-use plastics. In addition, the Green Event and Catering Guide provides information for planning events on GW property. Notwithstanding the foregoing, GW acknowledges that there may be situations where alternatives to single-use plastics may be prohibitive due to circumstance or situational challenges. In such cases, GW Organization is required to notify the University and obtain prior written consent for use of requested single-use plastics.


GW Organization must provide a copy of the executed food/beverage/catering contract to the University prior to the Event Date, along with a copy of the outside contractor’s business license and certificate of liability insurance. Regardless of the selected venue, additional fees may be assessed for catered events depending on the quantity and type of food ordered.  The time needed for catering set-up and breakdown must fall within the Event Time.   Food and Beverage is not permitted in the Jack Morton Auditorium and the Lisner Auditorium.  

Requested time must include set up and clean up time, including time for catering and other vendors. Caterers arrive at least 2 hours prior to the start of an event and need 1 hour for breakdown.

Event Hosts are required to obtain a Washington, DC licensed bartender for events that will serve alcohol.  In addition, GWPD will make the determination if their presence is required for the event.  If GWPD is required, the cost will be the responsibility of the Event Host.  The assigned Venue Manager will secure GWPD on behalf of the Event Host. 

Decorations & Signs

GW Organization must obtain the University’s prior written approval for GW Organization to decorate the Licensed Space in any manner whatsoever.  GW Organization is not permitted to pin, tape or otherwise affix items to curtains, walls or set pieces.  Confetti, glitter, sand, and similar materials are also prohibited.  Candles and any other sources of open flame or heat are strictly prohibited without prior written permission.  GW Organization shall not erect any signs inside or anywhere outside the Licensed Space, except that one (1) sign may be placed outside of the Licensed Space and one (1) sign may be placed at the registration tables for the Event if the registration is not inside the Licensed Space.  If GW Organization wishes to display any additional signage, GW Organization must receive prior written approval from the University. 

Contract Services

GW Organization may contract with a non-University service provider for any service, equipment, furnishings, etc. for the Event, upon first receiving the University’s prior written approval. 

Compliance with Laws & University Regulations; Permits & Licenses

GW Organization agrees to comply, at GW Organization’s expense, with all laws, rules and regulations in its use of the Licensed Space (including, but not limited to, all fire codes, laws and regulations) and GW Organization shall obtain, at GW Organization’s expense, any and all permits, licenses and other governmental authorizations that may be required in connection with such use.  GW Organization shall, and shall cause those attending Clients’ Event to, comply with any rules, regulations or policies that the University may establish for the use of the Licensed Space.  Failure to comply with University rules and regulations shall result in immediate cancellation of GW Organization’s Event and termination of this Agreement.  

University Media

The University may photograph the Event for use by the University in University sponsored media and communications.